Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

I'm still not convinced

Everyone's palate changes as you grow older and mature - things that were disgusting as a child (and were more often than not, green) are now delicacies, whereas fish fingers have been cast aside.

However, some irrational dislikes seem to remain; for example, I've met loads of people who don't like tomatoes, which I've never fully grasped. Saying that, it's only been in the last 12 months that I've gotten over my aversion to mushrooms - sthg driven by the texture rather than the taste.

I like almost everything now (crustaceans excluded) but one food does still remain unloved - one that I've not liked for years and years, in fact in my memory I have never liked it. Tuna; I could never stand the stuff. But, as the years have passed, I have mellowed slightly and I now quite like a nice piece of grilled tuna steak, but the stuff from the tins still creeps me out.

Now, the reason why tuna is a big thing for me refers back to my early, early childhood - the stuff I don't remember. I know I was always a fussy eater - a very fussy eater - and I'm sure I drove my parents mad, but they eventually found two things I loved: bananas (which I still like) and, you guessed it, tuna. Apparently I couldn't get enough of the stuff, but I can never remember liking it.

However, inspired by overcoming my dislike of mushrooms, I tried again, today in fact. I had it in my tomato and herb wrap for lunch, and it was.... okay, I guess. It wasn't as bad as I remember, but I'm not jumping up and down about it being wonderful. Still at least it's now edible to me again.