Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

At least in Scotland it's supposed to rain

Utterly crappy pishy weather we're having right now. Think it has rained every day for a week now. This is July! There was even storm damage in Wales. And the UK doesn't get those wonderful violent storms that happen in humid climes where the humidity rises and the temperature soars until it all bursts out in a glorious demonstration of nature's power. No, this storm was one of your average depressions coming in from the Atlantic just like we regularly get during winter.

Yes, I'm Scottish, from the West Coast no less and so am very used to the rain. Case in point, on Sunday I played football in the pouring rain (there was even a clap of thunder). I was so drenched by the end, I practically had to strip off to get in the house (though maybe not quite as bad as the time in Montreal where I played on a new pitch that had been built below the level of the water table!!!). However, at least in Scotland a) you kind of expect it - the East coast of England should be drier and b) more often than not you can wait 30 mins and it'll be sunny (although wait another 30 and it'll prob start snowing).

Anyway, it's supposed to brighten up for the weekend - the weather chart shows a sun with no clouds and a maximum of.... wait for it..... 11C! And to think 2 weeks ago I was bitching about it being too hot in the south of Portugal.