Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Trip down memory lane

Rather a cool weekend this time, not the usual procession towards drunkenness in Durham, although it did start out the same. Met an old university friend, or as I introduced her at one point "a co-engineer person." We hadn't seen each other for a while and spent most of the time discussing how other people were doing from our course. There's a worrying trend of people getting married, but from the gossip we hear, not always happily!

It was a little strange cos it ended up being me, Sonia and Fay out in a bar and I noticed that my whole range of conversation had to change. I told them this and so they kept trying to act like guys, by admiring the women and making comments. They were awful at it. I tried to teach them the art of being subtle but they were hopeless (y'know like the Budweiser advert where the guys says sthg like 'chicks at 10 o'clock' and his friends are too dumb so they all end up staring at the same time - well, just like that).

After getting back quite early, Fay and I stayed up chewing the fat till around 2:30, talking about jobs and careers and plans and the like. Got up at some horribly early hour (for a Saturday) cos I had to catch a train back through to see my folks in Glasgow. I also went to pick up my bike which had been sitting in a shed for a few years whilst I was abroad. My intention is to start riding to work when my lab moves 8km away! Should fulfill my daily exercise quotient!

Sunday was really good. I met up with the ever-cool LightspeedChick and T whom I'd gotten to know quite well when I was in Montreal. They're over in the UK doing a tour of Scotland and so when they reduce the distance between us by an order of magnitude (2000 to 200 miles) it seems I should make the effort to meet them. We just walked around a little had a few pints and a meal, good times. I had to do the whole speaking half-French, half-English cos I think T prefers to speak in French, but it was good practice for me - though shocking how poor my vocabulary is now!

Unfortunately, I had to leave to get the last train back to Durham - it would have been cool to have seen them for longer. It's like many things, you don't realise quite how much you miss something, until you see it again. You get used to it/them not being around. Moral of the story is, track down old buddies and get in touch.