Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

There aren't enough hours in the day

Saturday, the first day of the weekend. A day of rest and relaxation? A day to exploit after being couped up inside all week? A day to spend in bed with an all-day hangover? Or a day to do as much as possible and then collapse from physical exhaustion?

I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Saturday am (having avoided a big night) and went into town to pick up supplies for my forthcoming trip to Portugal, like a torch and dental floss (as well as its oral hygene properties, it is also incredibly useful to take camping, you can use it as a washing line, to tie stuff shut, it comes in a small compact box and has its own cutting tool) and so on.

In the afternoon I decided to cycle down to the building site that will be my new place of work. I was testing to see if it really was practical to commute to work like this every morning. The answer? No. It's 45 minutes of hills on a busy main road. Plausible if you're a super-fit biker, but I'm not. I almost died getting back home.

I was pretty tired but was still planning on heading into town for a night out when all of a sudden Phil came up with another suggestion. He had found out via a friend that an infamous 'forest party' was taking place that night and did we want to go? Why not, we thought and so Phil phoned the answer machine that had left the directions, copied them down and ordered a taxi.

When we got there it was pretty busy about 40 people - mainly hippies - sitting round fires, smoking and drinking whilst a DJ blasted out Acid House and Drum'N'Bass tunes from 6 massive speakers. I'd been to sthg similar in Quebec (without the DJ, they had guitars) and so it wasn't completely foreign to me. It was pretty cool, a good change of scene from Durham town centre anyway). I guess I got bored at around 3am but Phil and Tim wanted to stay, so me and Dave decided to leave as we didn't fancy sleeping on the forest floor much.

Have I mentioned it was in the middle of nowhere? Me and Dave set off at about 3:30 which meant the sun was just beginning to rise and so we got to walk home during the birth of a glorious day. However, the walk home took us 2 and a half hours! It was 6.5 miles! Got to be my personal record for a walk home - and can't see many people topping it!

Still, it meant I had capitalised on 21 of the 24 hours available!