Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

The need for speed

Wheeeeeee! I'se is so happy! I got me bike back! Since I fetched it from my parents house I may only have ridden the once, but the potential is just so huge! I rode it last night up to the bar - usually a 15-20 min walk and it took about 5, and even less to come back as it's downhill.

I was talking to Phil, an avid biker, and he was saying that since he uses his bike all the time, he hates walking everywhere, and everything seems to take so long. And it's true if you get used to being able to whizz down into town in 5 mins, it makes things seem so much easier and more worthwhile (it's not worth a 40 minute round trip to town to pick up one single item, but a 10 minute bike ride is a breeze).

Sooo.... is this feeling extrapolated out to cars? I never quite understood why people will drive everywhere all the time, even for short trips, when it would actually be nice to walk - is this just cause you get used to the speed? Is the act of driving really enjoyable? Of course, the advantage of biking is that it keeps you fit and you've no problems with parking (as long as you're creative!). Plus, you never end up with a driver's tan - one arm brown and the other white!