Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

So, we lost and the beard has gone

So, it looks like I'll have to wait another year to see if there are gonna be any more 'celebratory' riots on Ste Catherine. We lost early Friday morning my time which meant first thing I did after getting up was go get a haircut and then shave off the growth. A step-by-step process of this is recorded on the playoff beard page, with my personal favourite being the handlebar moustache (unfortunately I'd shaved it slightly squint and so it couldn't be kept).

Drowning my sorrows

So I needed something to remove the funk I was in after 'watching' my team get swept by a team from a land where ice is unheard of. Thus, I proceeded down to the local pub at lunchtime with a fellow office-member, Tim. Apparently my boss told Tim that he should keep me down the pub cos I had no work to do at the moment. It's fair to say that he succeeded with his objective.

After a couple in the Vic, we proceeded on for a quick pint in The Shakespeare (where the air was blue with smoke). Then we headed over to the student union for cheap drinks and lots of pool. I was out for revenge after being white-washed on Monday when I was too drunk to cue straight and lost eveyr game I played. It was quite the reverse this time, I won the first 7 games. My concentration was keeping me sober - unfortunately, by this point the alcohol was winning slightly and I lost 3 of the next 4. However, my pint was finished and I then proceeded to take the next 4. Sweet justice!

You're feeling very sleepy

By the time we'd made it up to the college bar - a 20 minute walk after stopping off for some food and an espresso at the office, it was all starting to get a bit much. I hit the alcoholic equivalent of 'the wall': a combination of lots of alcohol over a long period of time, but consumption slows so you start to sober up and feel the symptoms of a hangover. This can be easily overcome by hitting shots and getting wasted, but since it was still only 8pm, this was eschewed. Instead I went for the refeshement and pick-me-up qualities of a gin and tonic together with a pint-of-water. Did me a world of good. Tim on the other hand, went for a weird mixer (apricot liquor, Taboo and lemonade) and followed up with a coke, which didn't do him quite so well.


We headed back down to the Union where only water was drunk and most of the toxins sweated away on the crowded and over heated dancefloor. This meant that I was home at about half 1, and when I woke up at 10 I felt completely fine. I'm getting really rather good at this drinking lark.

An Aside

Doesn't it suck when you meet a really nice, attractive girl who you quite like only to discover that her boyfriend's a good guy as well?