Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Insight into the female mind

I was at the bar last night talking to this girl Jo, and I was recounting a story about how some rich twats were trying to make out their life was hard to impress some girls despite the fact they lived in a massive house, with fancy cars and were blowing a weeks wages on drugs. Jo then said that being self-damning is one of the best ways to get a girl - she said "If you're talking to a girl and say something like 'I'm gonna go cos I'm sure you've got more important people to talk to', the girl will bend over backwards to be nice to you and kepp talking to you. Making a girl feel guilty or sorry for you is a surefire way to pick her up."

WTF? Since when? Do girls really think like that? If a girl pulled a similar thing on me, I'd just think they needed to get some self-respect (unless of course, they really did have things tough) and would be completely uninterested.