Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

I coulda been a somebody!

And so the fateful day has arrived; I'm now closer to 30 than 20. I had such great plans as to where I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing at this age when I was a kid/teenager. I guess my dream of playing football for Scotland must finally be laid to rest (though given the current dearth of talent there's still every chance? Nope, that's just the denial talking, get over it).

A year older, a year wiser?

Just thinking back to my birthday last year, and it is a little murky, all I can remember is knocking over Phil's decks. So let's dig out the archive...

Alcohol makes the world go round (and round and round...)

Birthday celebrations eh? Me and a couple of buddies went to the Ste Elisabeth after work and managed to grab a table outside. Very chilled atmosphere, good people-watching location, good times. Grabbed some food there as well, which is actually couriered-in from a restaurant around the corner meaning that it wasn't the usual sub-standard pub-grub. After a couple of pints of Hoegaarden on a pretty much empty stomach I had a good head buzz going - just nicely toasted. Then before we leave Agis orders 8 shooters of Jameson of which I have the dubious pleasure of drinking half.

After getting back to my place, I go and join my room-mate and some buddies who are at a bar just down the road - a place that will soon be a regular hangout I reckon: less than a block away, cheap beer, a terrace and good food. Thankfully they don't have a great range if spirits, only tequilla, goldschlager and jack daniels. This was a good thing because my 'friends' bought a shot of each and mixed them and made me down it. It was surprisingly ok, the goldschlager masked the taste of everything.

Then upon returning to the apartment, I had a large gin and tonic and then in the process of trying to change records completely destroyed Phil's decks. Rather, I knocked over the bar that they were sitting on causing it all to crash to the floor. Thankfully, everything kept spinning as normal and a bent metal speed slider on one of the turntables was the only damage.

So... not much change there then.