Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Best meal ever?

A group of people from work went out for a meal last night and we went to a fantastic Japanese restaurant. Bizarrely, despite Durham's small size, Teikyo University have a college here and there are lots of Japanese students who study here for a year. Anyway, back to the restaurant and to save time pouring over the menu I chose a house special set meal which basically included everything except sashimi.

The restaurant was a teppanyaki restaurant which means that you all sit round a large hot plate while the chef preapres your food and cooks it in front of you. Firstly he made egg-fried rice, which was insanely good given how simple it is. Our chef also did little tricks like juggling the eggs and throwing them and catching them in his chefs hat. After a fantastic selection of starters we reached the main course, which as it was the house special, consisted of chicken AND salmon AND king prawn AND sirloin. Oh my, was that sirloin good.

All the way through the meal the chef is doing little extravagant things, like throwing the salt and pepper around like in Cocktail or beating out a weird rhythm on the table (kinda like a cross between Stomp and Masterchef). So basically, you have your entertainment for the evening as well - there's something almost hypnotic about the speed with which the food is prepared and how efficiently it's cooked and controlled by the chef.

Unfortunately, as with most fine things in life, it doesn't come cheap. However, it wasn't quite as expensive as the credit card bill came to: our waitress had mistyped the number and put the decimal point in the wrong place! Even then after the mistake was corrected she reversed two of the numbers on our bill meaning the credit crad was charged 70 pounds less than the meal cost. The difference was made up in cash, but I made a mental note always to check the bill carefully before I sign!