Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

"100% Ptoo" stamped on my hand

It was so nice yesterday, just sitting outside in the sun with a pitcher of beer without a care in the world, surrounded by students stressing about their exams and trying to revise. After the sun went behind the buildings we moved inside and I was delighted to discover a "Photo Hunt" game had been installed.

In a nutshell, "Photo Hunt" is a spot-the-difference game using a touch screen. I used to play it quite a lot in Montreal cos it's really cheap and good fun. You can't win anything except kudos for getting your name on the high score table. The key difference betweenthe version here and in Quebec is that in Montreal, we played erotic photo hunt using bad 80s 'glamour' photography. Here, alas, there is no such option. Curse our conservative ways!

In the evening we all went through to Newcastle, which for me is a first. (Quick geography lesson, Newcastle is a mjor city about 30 mins drive away and has a reputation for having a great nightlife). We went through to see some bands that some of my friends knew. It was all right, one of them was reggae and the other ska, so it was a good laugh.

The others all decided to get the early train home but me and Tim stayed on, and wandered into town to try and find some of this celebrated nightlife. We ended up in the queue for a place called Tiger Tiger, which as it turned out was a huge, swanky bar. Tim managed to walk straight past the pay-in desk and got in for free, whereas I was spotted and had to hand over 4.50 (hence the hand stamp, though why 100% ptoo is beyond me)! Luckily though, we both knew that we had to get up for work the next morning so we were on the water in there. Rather lamely for a place its size, it had no dancefloor, so we created our own!

It was also the first time I've been somewhere where the gents have a... ummmm... guy who offers you aftershave and gel and other toiletry stuff for a discretionary fee. Bit OTT if you ask me.

Anyway, up bright and early, just a bit tired, but still alert enough to be able to meet with a sales rep in mid-morning. I just about made it through, but I dread to think what it would have been like where I hungover.