Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Summer plans

It was a really nice day here yesterday, lots of sun, refreshing breeze, nice and warm. It'll soon be time to cut the grass which can only mean one thing: summer's here! Whilst we were in Tesco (big supermarket) we spotted a few cheap BBQs and as we have an area of concrete outside our back door (I wouldn't go so far as to call it a patio), we realised it'd be perfect to hold a few impromptu BBQs.

We used to do this quite often back in Edinburgh - if it was a sunny afternoon we'd announce to the class there'd be a BBQ at ours. We'd go to the supermarket on the way back from class, pick up burgers and rolls, fire up the barbie and wait for folk to arrive for a few drinks. Then if we felt the need, we'd go out into town. It was great fun.

It can't work exaclty the same way here in Durham, cos the pubs shut 2 hours earlier so it's very hard to organise a pre-going out drink (cos you have so little time after work's finished). Still, there's no real need to go anywhere since our drinks cabinet at #38 is slowly building and, as we discovered last night, we have a fantastic party game.

For the first time since Christmas I fired up the Eye-Toy USB camera for my PS/2 and we had a little flat competition. It was great fun, especially the dancing games, which although rather basic (you can only move your arms) still illustrated great potential for drunken frivolity. Now all i have to do is get a dance mat, and the experience will be complete.