Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Kill (yawn) Bill Vol Zzzzzzz

Went to see Vol. 2 last night. It'd be fair to say I was unimpressed. To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of the first one - yeah, it was slick and fast and well shot, but it all seemed a little pointless. On the other hand, Vol 2 is the exact opposite, much slower and deliberate with lots of room for Tarantino's famous snappy dialogues (gotta like the one about Superman and Clark Kent). However, a slow and deliberate pace isn't the best thing when the film lasts 136 minutes!!

I should maybe qualify my review by saying that I was already very tired, but the film really failed to grab me. The best bit in the entire movie was when Uma Thurman was being trained by a Chinese martial arts master - complete with snow-white hair, loooong beard and moustache and crazy eyebrows! This was a homage to the old-style Chinese/Hong Kong kung-fu movies - the ones full of additional sound effects eveyr time someone punches or is hit (in one scene in KBV2 there's even a sound effect when Pai Mai (the master) flicks his beard). Still, all that this made me realise is how much better this film would have been, had it been one of those old-style kung-fu movies.

There's a little twist at the end, but that just complicates matters and made it less believable (there are already questionable scenes, especially when she's in the coffin). Maybe it's the sort of movie that gets better each viewing when you notice new tricks or listen more to the speeches. But the first viewing? Nah, give it a miss.