Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Fiesta time

Apparently the La Palmans know how to throw a good party as evidenced by their sometimes rather bizarre festivals.

The Devil in Disguise: Details are a little sketchy as to the whys and wherefores about this one, but it involves a man dressed as the devil and covered in fireworks who then proceeds to set light to all the fireworks

Burying the Sardine: A giant papier mache fish filled with fireworks, is paraded through the town on the back of a truck; taken to the beach; buried in the sand and then blown up.

Talcum Powder Day: people throw talc at each other - apparently this can be taken to extremes where a truck can pull up outside a bar armed with a mounted cannon and fires a round of powder into the bar.

5 years:Also, apparently every 5 years there is a month long party, where everyone takes the month off work to celebrate... something. Plane tickets are booked years in advance.

La Palma: a lunatic asylum with no roof.