Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


Trying to book a flight from Montreal to Vancouver in September using my Aeroplan miles that I carefully saved up thanks to my trips to and from Canada and the UK:

I go to the Aeroplan website - uh-oh, can't book one-way tickets
Phone up AeroplanUK - get through first time (somehow), yes I am assured, one-way tickets can be purchased online and will cost 15,000 miles, but I didn't know my dates so couldn't book
Try the Aeroplan website again - definitely no one-way option
Try the Air Canada website - but you can't redeem your Aeroplan miles on this site, despite having logged in and all your other details filled in
Trying the AeroplanUK call centre again - on various days at various times and can't get through - some times I even fail to reach the hold queue. I am sick to death of Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachmusik - they really need a longer loop on their hold muzak.

Soooo frustrated now. Such a crap system, no wonder the company is going under.

I stand corrected

I sent an e-mail, explaining all of the above to AeroplanUK and within an hour I got a call back and I was able to make the booking - Hurrah! To be honest, I think there may be all of one person working there as she said that the reason I probably couldn't get through was that she was checking all the e-mails!