Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Selective Memory Loss

Remember how I mentioned a rather drunken night involving a drinking game and the Pitu drink? Well, last night I was in the college bar and one of the girls I was talking to came up to me and said:
"I'm really sorry for having a go at you when I left the party."
"So you should be, cos I know exactly what you're talking about."
"Apparently you and I had a big shouting match when I left."
"Really? I don't remember that at all!"
"Neither do I but supposedly it happened and so I'm sorry"

So then I start asking people about what happened and they all remember the incident but not the whys or wherefores. But as far as I can gather I was talking to her boyfriend at the end of the night, and I believe I was telling him one of the bands he liked was "fcuking shtie." Then she rolls up and tries to drag him off as she wants to go home and I tell her she can't cos I'm talking to him.

I should point out that me and her had been talking for about 30mins to an hour previously as she was from Scotland so we were doing the whole bonding thing. So anyway, she basically tells me she can do what she likes, and it just kind of escalates from there, and we were throwing around the insults, one of my friends then apparently wanted to fight her. Of course, everyone else just heard us telling each other to f-off so they all thought it was a big thing. But none of us 3 (me, her and her boyf) can remember anything about it.