Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Rolling blackouts heading our way

I just don't get it - I don't understand how it can have got this far. At least the BBC is going to bring to the attention of the public, but there really does seem to be an imminent energy crisis brewing in the UK. Old power stations are nearing the end of their lifespan, oil reserves have been stated as low as 11 years (the head of Shell got sacked for saying they'd last an extra 2), coal power stations are just about banned by the Kyoto Treaty and gas reserves are dwindling in the North Sea. Add to this the government's reluctance to build new nuclear power plants due to perceived public risk and you can only think that we're screwed.

Also, there will very soon be a crisis in labour - having taken electrical engineering at university I can count on one finger the number of people from my course who decided to specialise in power engineering. Guess what? That's been a trend for years now and all the experts are starting to retire with no-one to carry the torch.

Renewable energy sucks. I'm sorry but it does, you need hundreds of acres of wind farms or solar panels to come close to what one nuclear plant can produce. Yes, they're getting better, but still a long way off. Tidal power holds great hope, but ever since the prototype unit sank on its test run, funding has been unsurprisingly hard to come by. And what government is going to sinnk funds into research that won't pay off within the decade i.e. the time span of two general elections. Hydropower has the major flaw in that you need a great big dam, and not all countries can act like the Chinese and just flood a massive area.

Nope, demand's going up, supply will soon be coming down. I think we (the UK) already get 25% of our energy from France (who've got a shedload of nuclear plants). Gonna become a very powerful commodity is energy, and guess where's got loads of surplus renewable energy?

OK, there's slight hyperbole contained in this post but still; add another reason to the "why move to Canada list."