Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


This months monkey is memorable taxi rides.

Not really got much to say here as I tend to walk everywhere on a night out when in the UK... however, there was one time....

... it was the Christmas party at my company in Edinburgh and it all started at lunchtime with a meal at which each person brought their own alcohol. After the meal, beer was brought in and there was a disco. Indeed THIS photo was taken at said disco. Needless to say everyone was very merry.

So the disco winds up and we decide to go on into town. Unfortunately, we worked on top of a big hill on the outskirts of town so the nearest pub was a good 30 mins walk. There were only limited numbers of drivers who could provide lifts to the pub and, as I was one of the last out of the disco, all the cars were full. So, I said I'd just walk, thinking in my rather inebriated state that it would only take me about 5 minutes. However, since I was the only one left walking one of the cars stopped about 20m in front of me and told me to get in despite there already being 3 people in the back.

'OK' I think, and I run towards the car and, having one of those good-idea-at-the-time moments, throw myself in the back door thereby landing on the laps of the three people sitting in the backseat. It was at this point that I noticed that it was a car full of women, all of whom thought it rather amusing to have me trapped and proceeded to prod, poke, grab, tickle and grope for the duration of the journey. It was borderline between traumatic and enjoyable, but luckily it wasn't remembered, primarily because it was eclipsed by one member of staff (the guy in the brown shirt in the photo) punching the fruit machine, falling down the stairs and getting kicked out.