Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

I knew it!

When I was in Montreal our water supply sucked - nasty yellow-y water would come out the taps. The residue left in our Brita filter only confirmed the fact. So often during summer - especially when playing footy on a hot sunny afternoon, I'd buy a couple of bottles of water. This was usually the cheapest on offer, but I always made a point of never buying Dasani. Dasani is owned by Coke, and I've never been too keen on them, and it never seemed to taste good. Not that I can tell much difference between water - but Dasani def tasted of sthg which is not a good thing.

So imagine my lack of surprise when Coca-Cola confirm that Dasani is actually recycled tap water. You can tell me it's reverse osmosis and ozonated and all that stuff, but it's still tap water, that I could filter myself. So unimpressed. Incidentally, wasn't there an "Only Fools and Horses" episode about precisely that: bottling tap water and sellin git on for a huge mark-up?