Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


Oh, we were so smug. We thought we were so organised. We had our applications for our tickets submitted in plenty of time and co-ordinated to maximise our chances. Then we booked our flights plenty in advance and that was a royal pain in the ass. Flights coming up on websites that didn't exist or were full or were then cancelled after the booking was made. Still we got them in the end. We booked our hire car as well and we were ready to roll.

Let's see, match tickets, plane tickets, hire car.... something's missing.... what is it? Ah, yes places to stay. Unsurprisingly, given that I'm talking about Euro2004 there appears to be a certain lack of availability. In fact, make that near zero availability. How could we be some dumb? I mean, we were planning on camping a lot, but just never got our fingers out and thought about practical things, like arriving at the airport at 10pm and having somewhere pre-booked.

So I've spent a fair whack of my time writing off e-mails to prospective places but nothing back yet. Hopefully, I've found an agency that specialises in finding accomodation for the tournament. Otherwise there'll be a lot of sleeping on benches in parks - or if it's raining - in the car.