Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Brave New World

I've been here in Durham for 4 months now and had pretty much found a groove in terms of what I did on a weekend. It generally involved hitting the bar across the road straight after work, and ending up at the student union several hours later. This was good, but variety is the spice of life eh and so I shook things up a little this weekend.

Friday, my house-mate Sonia was away visiting friends and most of my work buddies were out of town in the Canary Islands working (I go out to join them on Thursday. Before you get any ideas about having a dossy business trip, I should point out that it is currently snowing at the summit of the volcano where I shall be working). I went out with Sonia's boyfriend and one of his mates and I ended up in what is supposedly officially Europe's worst nightclub: Klute. It is remarkably crap, it was expensive and cos it's in-between university terms, pretty empty. Still, I hadn't been (prob cos all my friends think it's crap) so I got to cross it off the list anyway.

I felt absolutely horrendous on Saturday morning but had just about recovered by the afternoon. My other housemate Rob had 2 girls he knew visiting for a night out in Durham: Sheryl and Catherine. Despite initially wanting a quiet night in, I was persuaded to go out for a couple, safe in the knowledge I could easily come back. Along the merry way, I made it to Chase, a new lounge bar that is pretty expensive but pretty sleek. Some highlights include a system whereby you can send a text message from your mobile and it will appear on screens around the bar - potentially highly amusing! We hit a few other bars before ending up at Fishtank which has become my undisputed #1 place to go out in Durham. It's stuck away upstairs on a side-street, is really small but caters to the more alternative crowd. Catherine pointed out as soon as we got there that it felt like a house-party, sofas, a small dance-floor and funky music.

So we danced for while in there, Sheryl and Catherine found a couple of blokes they fancied, so Rob and I were left to our own devices which included pulling off a few old skool dance moves. Around 1sh, the girls announced we were all going to a house party with their newfound beaus and so we left, only to find ourselves in a queue for another bar/club. Rob and I baulked at the 6 pound entry fee (given it was only open for another hour) so we gave the girls a set of keys and headed home.

We watched Family Guy til the girls got back - mainly because we wanted to check they were ok (the guys turned out to be rich assholes, living in a big house with fancy cars, taking drugs and complaining about how hard life was) and also cos Sheryl had promised to wear Rob's Everton (soccer team) kit - shirt and shorts - no socks. This meant that Rob then got his fourth picture a girl wearing his top, an interesting little fetish!

Eventually got to bed around half 3, only to realise it was really half 4 due to the clocks going forward an hour. Four hours sleep and then up to watch the highlights of saturday's football. (note to Sandy, no hangover due to stopping off a pizza....) Then out to play football for 2 hours in the sunshine in the afternoon, before dropping in a heap on the couch watching TV, too tired to move for the rest of the night.

Overall weekend rating: Two thumbs up!