Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Weekend High(low?)lights

The Plan
Deciding over a pint at lunchtime that a college bar crawl should be conducted that evening. For those that don't know, Durham University (where I work) has around 13 colleges where the students stay in 1st year, each of which has their own (cheap) bar. The first opens at 6:30pm, the last shuts at 11pm. They are spread throughout the town, which means you have only got time for a spirit and mixer in each.

The Challenge
The additional challenge is not repeating the same drink, thus my list of drinks included a double passoa and lemonade, archers and lemonade and Bols Blue and orange. A few mistakes were made: a Black Russian is not a White Russian with coke instead of milk (you change the Kahlua for Tia Maria - mental not jahlua and coke does not work), and blue Aftershock is maybe not a better option than toffee liquor.

Rhymes with Clucking Bell
End up really rather drunk in Union - who were holding a charity thing, Durham University Charity Kommittee (DUCK), thus there was someone in a duck suit walking round. Whilst dancing, cute girl comes up next to me. Me, in my wisdom, decide to ask her, with very loud music playing, and me not exactly annuciating my words "What's with the duck?" She may have mis-heard me as she made a sharp exit stage right!

Open Mic Night
One of the colleges held a fundraiser on Sunday in the form of an open mic night at which one of my office-mate's band was playing. It's an interesting line-up: drums, bass, singer, piano and violin. What's more unique is their intepretation of various songs - I know it's going to be hard to imagine, but they closed with a slowed down version of Basket Case, which then mixed into Pachelbel's Canon, then into The Farm's Altogther Now, which mixed back into Green Day. A veritable masterpiece.