Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


So I was looking through one of my folders the other day and came across a card from an old flame which I hadn't previously managed to bring myself to throw away. If it had just been a card, it would have been in the bin tout de suite, but inside there was a very symbolic drawing of us and our relationship. Basically, this card has a lot of emotion attached to it.

Anyway, there I was, looking at it, and I finally felt ready to consign it to the bin, when I realised that I'd faced a similar decision a few years back when I had a massive box of letters from my girlfriend (we did the long-distance thing, gave it a good shot, but it didn't work). I ditched the lot of them and now realise that I don't actually have anything left. Sometimes I think I was being a little hasty in getting rid of everything, and other times I feel I made the right decision.

Now I'm faced with the same dilemma - is it a good or a bad idea to keep personal mementos of exs, not like every ex, just the few who really meant something?