Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Latest Title Ideas

"Just a B-Boy trying to make with the freak-freak" - I kinda like it, except I'm not a B(eastie) Boy, but if I drop the B, it just sounds a bit weird

"Far from the Maddening Crowds" - Another clever little play on words, though I can't claim the credit as it's also the name of a Chicane album

"Some of my best friends are bloggers" - Has potential, the bloggers bit can be changed to sthg else. Inspiration from this one came from my latest CD purchase: Kid Koala's 'Some of my best friends are DJs' which is a much cooler name, but I don't have any DJ friends. By the way, the album rocks, kinda like funky scratch hip-hop - no lyrics, just samples. It is a short album though (35mins).

"The Revolution will not be televised" - just cos it's a classic line