Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


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Double Header

Went to what is probably the best restaurant in Durham on Friday night, which rather perversely is Thai. Fantastic food with a great view of the castle, a little pricey at 20 quid for the set menu, but you get good value. A pile of people from work went as there were a couple of visitors from La Palma, and so it was a bit of a work social. Rather amusingly our table was next to one full of cougars who were obvioulsy gearing up for a night on the toon, and myself and Tim (being the young ones) seemed to catch the eye, which wasn't necessarily a good thing!!

After that, we met up with some people at the Union and stayed there the rest of the night. We were there last week and I remembered it being good fun, but this time, being decidedly less drunk, I was pretty bored and glad to go home. The only comedy moment was when there was a 'battle' in the small room upstairs - if you know Durham at all, you'd appreciate the comedy in this; posh English kids don't do hip-hop.

Once more into the breach

Saturday there was a party at Tim's place, which thankfully was pretty chilled. there was however, a startlingly varied array of alchohol to be used and abused. Highlights included a sort of Spanish liquor with a picture of a prawn on the label, leading us to believe it was prawn schnapps or something. Tasted like tequilla though. I also discovered that lager can be used as a mixer. You wouldn't think so, but Tim had a Bols Blue and orange juice cocktail (which of course was green) and it tasted fine. Then he topped it up with some Grolsch and it tasted exactly the same!! Dangerous stuff, and no, no hangover the next morning either!

However, the two highlights were having a 'long vodka' again, a West Coast of Scotland drink, and learning a a fantastic trick with vodka and lime cordial.

Long Vodka
2 shots of Vodka, 4 dashes of Angostura Bitters, 1/2 lime and tonic water.
Mix. Looks and tastes a bit like apple juice.

Lime Vodka
1 bottle of cheap vodka, 1 bottle of lime cordial.
Divide the vodka and lime so there's half of each in each bottle.Place in freezer. When frozen remove from freezer and allow to defrost. When liquid is visible inside the bottle, pour into shot glasses.
The trick here is that the water remains as ice so you get a very intense lime flavour, it's at a perfect temperature, and is practically pure alcohol. Very dangerous and exceedingly tasty. It's imperative that the vodka is cheap else it won't freeze (and since all you're after is the alcohol there's no point getting nice stuff).