Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

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"Talk about the times in your life when you felt really, really alive"

Tough one this... I'm gonna take it to mean when I felt euphoric rather than aware of my existence since that tends to make me feel very small and insignificant. Which kind of narrows the list to (in no particular order):

England 0-1 Scotland - Euro2000 Playoff, Scotland 2-0 down from the first leg, everyone thinks we're doomed. We score in the first half, cue mass hysteria. Filled with massive belief, pride and anticipation - I remember walking down the road to a bigger pub at half-time and had never been more excited in my life.

The last BIG hill on the Vermont cycling trip - I don't think I'd ever done anything as physically hard as that - but I used pure willpower to make it to the top without stopping. When I got off I could feel every single muscle in my body and adrenaline was just pumping round: a total high

First kiss - Really what could be better?

First 'full experience' in good dance club - Fantastic atmosphere, everyone's friendly, great music, felt amazing.

Wrestling with girlfriend - over a peanut in a Spanish hostel, helpless with laughter before collapsing in an exhausted heap (and then finding the energy to get more exhausted in another way ;) )