Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Worst Phonecall EVER!

I have a couple of old friends whom I've known since 2nd year of uni, that's about 6-7yrs (holy crap that's a long time!) and who I don't normally see all that much. For the pat 2-3 years, H and A have been seeing each other, and A was living at H's place. So, wanting to see what they were up to for New Year I give H's flat a buzz. I find out he's going home away up north so I say:

- "So I guess A's going with you as well, yeah?"

- "No, actually, she left me a couple of days ago."

Arse. So I try and dig myself out of the hole, checking he was doing fine but I decide to change the subject:

- "How's the job? Are you still working at Agilent?"

- "Well, no. I took voluntary redundancy"

Crap. I was 0 for 2. There really was no way back from this - dumped and unemployed. So we talked about the job market with me trying to be as positive as possible without going over the top, and then wound the conversation up. And just to top things off, he wondered if we'd be able to meet for a drink, but our timetables were out of sync by a day so when he arrived back in Edinburgh, I'd be down in Durham.