Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Start as you mean to go on

Firstly, a Happy New Year to all my readers - hope you guys had a good Hogmanay!

Mine was pretty good, two guesses where I ended up though: Edinburgh. I did in the end have the choice of Edinburgh or somewhere in Pitlochry in the Highlands with a bunch of skiers, but I decided to go with a friend's "party" in Edinburgh (esp since I don't ski). I say "party" cos there were only about 6 of us, which made it pretty chilled out really.

However, I really wanted to get out and about in the city a little, so we decided to go out for a few drinks at a local bar. This then turned into a few more drinks, and we celebrated the bells in there. It all gets a little hazy at around this point - but apart from dancing like a monkey, I don't think I embarrassed myself.

I did, however, manage my customary stupid thing - 2 years ago, virtually passing out on the street and having to curl up on the steps outside my friend's flat, last year I pushed a friendship beyond just friends which lead to an awkward aftermath, and this year, I managed to trap my own fingers in the door. It's actually harder to do than you think; bascially I was in the kitchen, and fell forwards for some reason, tried to catch myself on the open door, but my momentum just pushed the door shut, right on top of the two middle fingers of my left hand. Luckily, I was inebriated at the time, and so it didn't seem to hurt half as much as it probably did, and now they're slowly fading from the lovely purple colour they obtained.

As for new year resolutions, I don't really have any, I have a few long-term goals, but they've not really changed since last year. I'm actually really looking forward to this year; new job, new city, new friends should provide some variety. I've already got a trip to Portugal for Euro2004 all planned, I hope to head back to Montreal as well, which should spice things up a little as well.

Someone asked me what I'd actually achieved in 2003, and it's pretty tricky. I'm the same person as I was 12 months ago; I've had no epiphanies, I've not qualified for anything or passed any tests. All I managed to do was take some time off, chill out for a while, moved back to the UK and find a new job and a new challenge. Which is good enough for me.