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"(insert person here) Swap"

Channel 4 are getting lazy - there's a show out right now called "Boss Swap" where, guess what, two companies swap their bosses for 2 weeks. This is highly similar to Wife Swap, which I have previously blogged about. (15/10) Of course, to make good TV, they choose polar opposites with varying results. Last night was a bit of a classic: the boss of a London estate agency and the boss of a car dealership in the North. Not only did you have north vs south, you had easy-going versus motivational and personable versus all-business.

Needless to say, sparks flew. When the bosses got to implement their own schemes, the car sales place posted its worst ever figures with all the sales staff wanting to quit and at least one going home until the old boss got back. Meanwhile in London, the new boss didn't believe it was necessary to have 3 branch managers, did a psych test on them, and the one with the worst fit to the job got the sack! What's more, the manager he fired turned out to be the boss' wife!!! I believe he was referred to as a 'cancer' that needed to be removed after that.

Anyway, the car boss then chucked it in, whilst at the same time, the car company sacked their new boss, with 4 days still to go in the experiment! I guess the companies judge that the extra exposure will be worth any loss of income from the programme, although usually there are some benefits from someone having a fresh approach.