Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

An eventful weekend

I went out for a Friday night in Durham for the first time since I moved here with interesting results. It wasb't the most auspicious start - I had no mixer for some warm-up bacardis and ended up having to use orange juice. I found this a little weird, but Sonia, my flatmate, really liked it, and ordered it all night in the bars. Anyway, I went out with a bunch of Sonia's friends, who were ALL teacher trainees, which meant the conversation was a little one-dimensional at times.

A brief tour of local pubs and we then ended up at one of Durham's two (count 'em!) nightclubs. A particularly mixture of rum, lager, gin, ale, sambuca and gin (in that order) had been consumed which may help explain the rest of the night. The music was extremely bad - flipping from R'n'B to Rage Against the Machine to disco. Indeed, it was when I was moshing to RATM that I managed to knock my contact lens out! Luckily, I had a new pair to replace them waiting for me at home, so I wasn't too upset about losing it.

Saturday was a relatively low-key affair - I got up early (for a weekend) and headed into town to try and buy a pair of football boots - but the pair I wanted were only available in size 9 - cue Cinderella-style scenes as I tried to squeeze my foot into it. Needless to say I was an ugly sister.

In the evening, our third flatmate moved in and then we watched a video: Dirty Pretty Things. Directed by Stephen Frears (High Fidelity) and with Audrey Tatou, it's really good. The subject matter is a little depressing, but is well worth the perseverance.

Sunday, my parents came down with the rest of my stuff including my TV. This was rather a wasted effort as as soon as I plugged it in, it fizzed, crackled, and smelt burnt. Oh well, scratch one TV. Meanwhile Sonia went out for a drive, lost her car keys and had to get a taxi back to pick up her spares and get her boyfriend to drive her back out to where she left her car. Rob, the third flatmate, left late morning to pick up a few things from town and ended up crawling back in the door at half-ten. Like I say, eventful.