Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

A Whole New World

Friday started out well enough - came in to work and found my boss had sent round an e-mail suggesting we all go the pub for lunch. Good stuff. Hence work was rather lax that afternoon. Then, straight from work I went to the pub with some people from work, and after bar-hopping for a while ended up at one of the college bars. This was a little lame, but I was assured it was just because there had been some big party the night before and all the sports clubs were holding their socials that night (being last night of term an' all). So things were winding down at around 11 - when the bars shut - when Tim said we had money down on the pool table. Cool, a few games of pool would be good. He then also suggested getting a bottle of wine before the bar shut. No problem. This was in addition to the mixers we'd already moved onto. About an hour later and we move on to the other Tim's (my office has 2) home brew. I eventually make it home around 2:30. I consequently had a hangover for most of Saturday - just feeling dehydrated and lethargic but not ill.

The other great excitement was that I went out for a run on Sunday morning, but of course I don't know the local area. So after about 20 minutes I found myself in farmers fields, off the path and having to scramble through gorse and brambles, jump barbed wire fences and skirt round farmers' fields! I eventually reached civilsation and found myself way off course, but it made for a good run. I'd prefer a few less scratches and cuts next time though!