Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


For a few days anyway. I have actually found somewhere to live, but the letting agency aren't impressing much - they seem largely unsympathetic to my situation, in that I need to move in asap, and don't really seem to want to pull their finger out. They keep saying it depends on the landlord, so we may just have to bypass the agents and go straight to him (we met him when we looked round the place and he gave us his number).

Other than that just trying to settle in to work, setting up a temp computer until my brand new Dell arrives - some stupidly powerful thing, 1GB RAM!!! Also having to chase around to get keys, ID cards e-mail account and the like.

Impressions of Durham: probably too many students, not that that is a problem in itself, rather that a high proportion of these students are from the south of England and are inbred toffs, to put it mildly. Just gonna have to blank them out and find the local pubs, not the glitzy bars.