Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


In a bit of a pickle; I have absolutely no idea what to do for New Years this year. I am going to put my foot down this time, and despite me saying it every year, I am NOT going to spend it in Edinburgh. Not that there's anything wrong with NY in Edinburgh - but after 4 or 5 times it starts to grate. To be honest, I've never been overly impressed with NY, it always seems such an anti-climax. I think I prefer random nights out, where it just ends up turning into a massive night, rather than planning it. And it's always better when you can actually go somewhere without being ripped off and can actually move when inside.

Last year I was suffering a little from the previous year (where I passed out, was locked out and ended up curled up in the foetal postion on the stairs outside my friends door) and it was relatively calm from my point of view. But I really am stumped as to what to do: Edinburgh and Glasgow are out, as is Durham obviously. Other options include: Aberdeen with Doug et al if they stay there, Sweden with Kyle, his g/f and lots of Swedish folk, Spain with Kamel, or perhaps London with someone from work. Unfortunately, there aren't any cheap flights to Spain, and it'll take a train ride from the airport in Sweden which won't be that cheap either.

I just feel like doing something utterly random - maybe just turn up at the airport and ask for some cheap flights going anywhere.