Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Another milestone

Just broke through the 15,000 hits mark, quite amazing really given the drivel I come out with most of the time. Y'know how when you hear your voice played back to you, you can't believe how weird you sound, cos you don't hear yourself like that? Well, I had a wee look through the archives and read a few old posts and was pretty appalled at some of the stuff I'd found fit to write about. Whether in a year I look back on my current posts with the same sort of horror remains to be seen, but is pretty likely really.

On a sidenote, I've got 3 days of conference in Oxford for the rest of the week, so will presumably be offline. Can't say I'm desperately looking forward to it - a 5hr drive, followed by an afternoon of meetings. Then full meetings for the next 2 days, about stuff which doesn't apply to me. It's for the project that I'm working on, but our bit is out of sync with the rest, so this design review is basically everything EXCEPT what I'm doing. Ho hum. At least we get to stay in a pub, so the evenings can be easily wiled away.