Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Something that will always remind me of Quebec

D-Natural! Fantastic track. Even better is the babelfish translation... couldn't quite handle the quebecois!!!!

D-Natural is my name worse you t'en will recall
I rap in joual worse it is that which will distinguish me
Others which are croyent always better
But in the content, they want just that one their launch
For r' to know the talent, not need to be 50 years old
of experiment because with time, nothing lies
Y' has a couple of it which does not croyent in my means
It is right goods with nothing YO!
OK, chu nationalist worse my name is in English
Worse for absolutely nothing I bannierais my French
It is that which I want, I am happy
Worse even if one would be two, I could not of mander better
Then profit by listening to me, while appreciating, worse while remaining honest
To worse try to imitate me ray to force itself to acknowledge
That nobody made better front moé
What which is, I rely on me
It you a product of Quebec worse chu like a king
No the question its language, Quebec is my city, French is my language,

D-Natural is my name!

My name!, D-Natural is my name! my name!

To locate you, to lose you his chart
Admire the Frontenac castle
It is not Montreal, it is the provincial capital
That several negligent because they is their currencies
To shit us above without stop
Usually, that comes from English Canadian
Racist they, are moé I am not it
I find that stupid, I of mande when that stops
That I say is thought, judicious and is moderated
That the past, it is associated my characteristic
One is 600 000 it is supposed to be a small city
There Faque think well, chu not Canadian nor American
But a guy of Quebec which was caught in hand
My innate character is natural
Then mets you in saddle, chu not rebels
Thanks to my characteristic which I cultivated
You raise, dance, jump without stopping
Listen to different the tone, you will cross this bridge
I have the good nickname? D Natural is my name!