Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Just what type of horse did they use?

I had lovingly designed a new CD label for one of my burnt CDs, printed it onto the special label paper on the colour printerand was ready to stick it to the the CD. Just after I'd peeled it off the paper I accidentally dropped it onto the CD, sticky side down. The effect of peeling it from the paper had left it curved so only a small area had made contact with the CD surface, and it had only fallen 5cm in height.

No problem, I'll just peel it off and stick it on, I've done it before. Except that when I go to peel off the label, it rips off the CD data material as well! Son of a bitch! This of course, ruined the CD, and all the data I had on it, which I had, in my wisdom, already wiped from my computer.