Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

I'm no poet - but at least I know it!

Those from Montreal or who have looked at my photos might have noticed the random art on Parc Mont-Royal - here. I finally got around to writing down what it says:


On va passer par le chemin de la dame je vais te montrer quelquechose
Ecoute faudrait y aller. C'est a la veille de tomber
De temps en temps, je leve les yeux il y a le paysage comme ca. Je fais durer le plaisir.
C'est beau non? Quand je veux lire les derniers d'un bon livre je m'installe ici

Voler au dessu la montagne jusqu'a s'endormir

Which I believe means:


We're going to go by the Ladies Path, I'm going to show you something
Listen, we have to go there. It's where yesterday fell
From time to time, I lift the eyes and there is landscape like that. I'm making the pleasure last.
It's beautiful no? When I want to rid the end of a good book, I come here

Fly above the mountain until you fall asleep

Of course, I'm no Francophone, and no poet either, so any corrections are welcomed. It certainly feels very clunky in English, nowhere near as elegant. I guess the same happens anytime you translate poetry though.