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Apparently there's lots of gossip about turning the A-Team into a movie, there was a phone-in on the radio to suggest a line-up. Here's mine:

Face: need a pretty boy... Ashton Kutcher
Murdoch: Jim Carrey. Natch.
BA Baracus: The heart says Mr T could make a come back but the head says the studio wouldn't let it happen. Maybe if Will Smith bulked up like he did for Ali or Cuba Gooding Jr
Hannibal: I was thinking Harrison Ford, but I don't think he could pull off the cigar, if Clint Eastwood was maybe a little younger, same for Jack Nicholson, John Malkovich is too serious (despite the fact I've seen Rounders), as is Kevin Spacey. There's always Michael Caine... no, I reckon it's between Donald Sutherland and Tommy Lee Jones. Maybe Ed Harris.

p.s. as a kid, whenever we used to play A-Team, I always wanted to be Face whilst everyone else wanted to be Hannibal or BA. Then again, my brother liked Murdoch best....

p.p.s. pop quiz: does anyone remember why the start of the A-Team contained an in-joke (clue: it was to do with Face)