Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Returning to the old Stomping Ground

Went through to Edinburgh on Saturday - I received a phonecall at about half 6 saying that it was Ali's last night before she moved down to Manchester with her boyfriend. So I jumped on a train and headed across.

Had a couple of warm-up beers at Neil's place before heading out to Native State where we met up with Neil's flatmate's sister and some of her friends. Very pricey ($6 CDN per pint of Stella - I'd use GBP but I don't know where the pound sign is!) but they were doing a special offer of all shooters for a pound when you buy another drink.

So, Neil goes to buy a round and a couple of shooters and then he says that he tried to pick up all the drinks but dropped and smashed one of the shooters. So he asks the bartender "Would you mind...?" implying pouring another. There was obviously a miscommunication here as the bartender agreed and then prcoeeded to serve someone else. Neil waits and the bartender then asks if he wants sthg else and so Neil says he thought he the barman was going to get him another shooter, the barman denies this. So then Neil asks for the manager, who comes across, and quick as a flash gives Neil his extra shooter. Not bad eh? Always stand your ground, but of course, it means you'll never be served at the bar for the rest of the night! ;)

Anyway, eventually Ali + friends show up and after a bit of catching up we get kicked out the bar. We try to head in to Medina but it was full so we decide to end the night on a high and try and get in to Potterow. This is one of the two student unions but of course of the 10 or so people, only 2 of us were actually students, despite all of us being former students. But I mean, who carries around their old student card!!!

Anyway, the bouncer recommends we go and try Teviot (the other union) instead, where again we are faced with the same problem. However, this time there is only 1 bouncer and we mess him around, passing round the one uni card we had and the like until he basically caves in - it's not like the place was busy. So, quite fittingly Ali spent her last night out in Edinburgh in the same place she started her uni career.

A good time was had by all and a bunch of us headed back to Neil's place afterwards, which is a fair step. So we were looking for taxis and there absolutely none to be had. Not until we'd walked three-quarters of the way. We probably roll up at his place at about 4, Alice and Cooper left at about 6 and I think I crashed out at about 6h30, falling asleep to Richie strumming away on the guitar he'd spent the last 2 hours re-stringing!

The next day was spent being a zombified mess and watching the Animatrix. Grabbed the train back with Alice who I found out is now based in Glasgow, thus doubling the amount of people I know here. Woohoo!