Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Recipe for Disaster: the Subcrawl - official site

Sunny Saturday afternoon
25 people
1 Subway system: 16 stops
16 pubs

Take the 25 people and place at nearest pub at the first stop of subway at the beginning of the afternoon. Drink pint in 30 minutes. Catch subway to next stop, head to nearest pub, drink another pint. Repeat until the 1st pub is reached again.

Pure Carnage.

Words cannot express the weirdness of that day, how else can you explain 25 normal people destroying themselves through systematic alcohol abuse over the course of 12 hours. I'm very happy to say that on my debut I was able to complete the challenge, thanks to some guidance from my more experienced colleagues. I didn't quite make it a pint in every bar, I switched to bottles after the 12th, and after that I don't think I ever finished my drink in time before we had to move on.


Managing to recruit two random Danish guys we met at the first bar to join us on the crawl

Being in the most 'patriotic' bars in Glasgow whilst a Rangers match is being shown on the TV

Doing flips using the ceiling handrails in the subway cars

Running up escalators the wrong way

Someone buying a super hero costume for 4 pounds which is then passed around until everyone has worn it: a very fetching off the shoulder number, because it's blantantly for kids

Someone buying a parsnip but being fooled into thinking it was a radish by the shopkeeper. I tasted it to prove it was parsnip but then had the taste in my mouth for the next 24hrs.

Singing karaoke.... somewhere

Having it all filmed by students from Glasgow Uni, and when I said I wanted editorial control over clips involving me, they let me call their boss whilst he was on holiday in Italy. So now, we're all being sent a copy of the footage.

Not sure of the exact figures, but I can only confirm that 6 people made it back to the start. Could have been more, I don't remember. Of those that did there was Amanda, who apparently did pints all the way, and supposedly her younger brother of 16 closed the circle, but I struggle to believe that.

I'm sure there are many, many more but honestly I can't remember them.