Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Almost a big faux pas...

Bit of background: I had a couple of flatmates who went out for a couple of years and then they broke up just after uni finished. Last Xmas/New Year I ended up hooking up with the girl, which led to a slightly uncomfortable sleeping arrangement. See, I was crashing at Terry's place, staying in his boxroom and near the end of the party I wanted to go back, so I needed his keys. Terry, being drunk, didn't react well to this suggestion, I believe his exact words were "I've not had a shag for 2 months in there so there's no way you're going to get one!" In the end he took a swing at me, nothing serious, just trying to hit the back of my head, but I got the keys in the end.

So, last Thursday I'm in the bar with a whole bunch of old friends and I'm recounting the story about the time Terry took a swing at me to a couple of them , when I realise that her old boyfriend and my old flatmate is sitting just across from us! Uh-oh, quickly rescan what I'd said, thankfully realise I didn't say who the girl was and quickly kill the story. I'm just not sure exactly how well he would have taken that piece of news. After all, you never really want to know what your exs get up to especially with one of your friends!