Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

An update on my wonderful life

So much to tell...

I could start with how exciting my days are reading over old course textbooks so I can nail my next interview.

I could tell you how I went through to Edinburgh on Thursday, got drunk with a buddy and ended up in Gaia dancing to very old skool dance music, and then meeting an Irish-Asian girl (who knew they existed?) and dancing to a 5ive medley!

I could talk about the wireless network that I've set up here and how when I type my arm blocks the signal going to the PCMCIA card halving the strength of the signal.

I could mention how funny I find it that all of Scottish football(soccer) is up in arms about Dunfermline installing an artificial turf instead of grass, when I worship playing on the stuff cos it's so much more consistant than a natural surface. What I find funnier is how they bitch and moan about burns from sliding tackles. It's not tricky, you were bandages on your knees, elbows and tape your hips. Sheesh - look around you, do a bit of research.

A stab in the dark

Maybe Google can help me out here, by letting the searches come to me. I'm looking to practise my French in Glasgow. I am fluent in English, pretty fluent in French and am hoping to meet up with some people to parlez anglais et francais. Drop me a line, someone, anyone with information.

Blown Away

Just started watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Absolutely. Amazing.