Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


What d'ya reckon then? Slick or what? I think I'm going through a minimalist period!

I think I may not bother with MT for just now, maybe that'll happen at a later date - thanks for all the advice/help though

The Name Game

I'm still open to suggestions for a new title, but I was relatively impressed with myself for je me souviens.... leave 'em in the comments

You can take the Scot out of North America...

So I'm out with an old uni buddy and his flatmates and we go to Vodka Wodka. After a while I end sitting next to an Australian, a Norwegian, an American and a Canadian - the foreign students have arrived a week early for the start of term! I spent most of my time with the American, she was cute, and the Canadian, who was cool and from Edmonton. I think I may act as an interpreter for them for the first few weeks!