Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Long Time, No Post

Now that my comments are back up and running, I finally find the willpower to write another entry. I guess this shows beyond a doubt that I am writing this for my readers and not for myself - but I'd always suspected that anyway.

Firstly, a quick update on the California situation, for those unaware I fly out to LA for an interview and tour of Caltech tomorrow coming back on Sunday. I'm not desperately sure what the interview is going to be like, super-technical or a relaxed chat or what so I've been trying to cover as much background as possible. Talking to someone who got a position there, he states that as long as I show that I'm enthusiastic and eager to learn then that is what is most important. And not coming across as an idiot would help. Maybe the latter will be the hardest!

Other than that I've not really been up to much - partied pretty hard over the weekend - I had a leaving-party on the Saturday which was good fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves - there were quite a few no-shows but it didn't really make much difference. It wound down at about 4am, a good two hours earlier than last years - but then again, this year it wasn't warm enough to sit outside and watch the sun come up. No gossip either, I'm sorry to say.

Actually there was more gossip from the previous night when I went out to the Cock and Bull to meet Kyle for a pitcher and since he wasn't there I ended up talking to this girl whom I'd met when she was moving in to my old apartment. She was cool - pretty political without being too hippy. We went back to her place to smoke a little and I ended up stumbling my way home at around 4h30!

So that's about it for now, probably won't be another post until Sunday/Monday when I should be able to tell you how my trip went.