Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Like Reggae?

Then you should check out Alpha Blondy - Africa's favourite reggae artist. Hailing from the Ivory Coast, he has some great tracks. Phil managed to pick up an LP of his, but since his turntables are gone, I had to resort to Kazaa. What's great is that although he sings in Mandingue, English, Dioula, French and Patois, and you thus have no comprehension of what is being said, you can still pick up the tune and find yourself humming it later. The best example of this is "Sebe Allah Ye" For example:

Tere beye
Kalo beye
Fognon ni dji beyan
Mogohou beye
Sogohou beye
Djinanhou fanan behantcheman

Catchy huh?