Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Believer Fever!

Been a fairly busy couple of days and yet at the same time kind of relaxing. The weekend was spent mainly watching movies of various sorts; over the course of three days I've seen "Spider", "Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Hellcats", "Black Belt Jones" and "Once Upon a Time in China II"

Monday, I went to watch the Expos start their 4 game series against the Phillies and we blew them out 12-1.

Tuesday, I was supposed to play soccer but they called the game due to state of the pitch. Thus I went to the Cock and Bull and drank for 5 hours instead. The Expos won again 14-10 despite trailing 8-0 and 10-3

Wednesday, I went to watch the Expos win again, this time 9-6 in a crazy match. Tomo Ohka was pitching for us and after giving up a solo run homer in the first proceeded to only give up 4 hits in the next 5 innings. We built up a sound 6-1 lead. Then Tomo finds himself in a hole, concedes a run and faces men on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out. On comes relief pitcher Almonte: 1 strike-out, 1 walk to load the bases then BOOM, Grand Slam. Uh-oh. We just blew a 5 run lead. This thus deprives Ohka of the win - hardly fair that. Luckily we get a go-ahead run thanks to pinch-hitter Vitiello. We then change pitcher again, who knocks down the first 2 Phillies before we bring on our closer Rocky Biddle. He finishes the job. We then hit 2 more runs to give Rocky a bit of breathing room to complete the save. What's bad is that Almonte, despite facing 4 batters, walking one, giving up 4 runs and only getting 2 out gets the win!

Afterwards we went to Champs to see if the Diamondbacks were going to win as we already knew Florida had lost - and they lost too. So we're only one game back.... 5th in the standings. One other point is that Jean-Claude van Damme was in Champs watching the baseball as well. At least I think it was - I know he's in town. Still it shows how far he's fallen if he's wearing an Old Navy sweater!