Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Actions have consequences

When Phil and I moved back into our apartment at the end of last summer, we fouind that the screen for the kitchen window was torn at the bottom. Apparently, the girls who had been subletting had been trying to tempt squirrels into the apartment by leaving food out for them. Great idea girls.

So two weeks ago, I'm lying in bed and I hear a bowl fall in the kitchen. Now I know Phil is away in the country and I also know that that bowl had been sitting on the window sill. WTF? I think. I get up to investigate and just see a blur of grey fleeing out of the window. Damn squirrels.

Then three maybe four days ago, I'm sitting very much as know, working on my laptop when movement catches the corner of my eye. Looking up, I see sitting on its haunches on the kitchen table, the squirrel! At first I try to scare it away by shouting at it, then decide it would make quite a comedic photo. However, everyone knows squirrels are camera shy and as soon as I reach for the camera, it takes off.

It does, however, make me wonder what happens when neither Phil nor I are in the apartment.