Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Yo ho ho, a Pirate's Life for Me

I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean last night with Jane and Dave. We managed to run into LSC and her beau who were there to see the same thing, so there may be another review on her site to allow a sense of comparison.

I have to say that PotC was one of the few summer blockbuster movies I was looking forward to; the tralier looked good, with some wicked effects and it had Johnny Depp. However, I am very used to being let down by trailers and it was a Jerry Bruckheimer film so I was expecting the worst.

I was thus pretty amazed when the movie turned out to be really good. Pretty fast-paced, quite a solid plot and of course Johnny Depp stealing the show as the potentially insane Capt Jack Sparrow. But then again, I really like Mr Depp, so maybe it might not be to everyone's tastes. For example, I really can't stand Jim Carrey and he annoys me in every movie he's in.

There are several little inaccuracies which float through the movie that are probably the effects of over-zealous editing, but they can be ignored when you remember it's a pirate movie. And the special effects are really cool, and not too overused, though there is one scene where they're just showing off.

British Actors ahoy!

There were a couple of British actors making their big screen debut after having first made it on movie's younger brother, the TV. Firstly there was Jack Davenport who played the Commodore. This was a total shock as he's not made an impression in Hollywood up until now. He made it big in the UK in the series "This Life": a twenty-something drama about a group of house-mates, with lashings of sex and drugs. It was brilliant but short-lived cos the writers got bored.

Then they used Gareth (Mackenzie Crook) from The Office as one of the cursed pirates i.e. he was the comedy element in the film. It just goes to show that having a British accent can give you a big break!

One More Thing

The credits state that it uses characters from the ride at Disneyland - was this ride based on a Disney cartoon, or just invented? I knew Capt. Sparrow sounded familiar from somewhere and the storyline wasn't original, but it can't have been based on a fairground ride?