Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Video night

I saw The Ring the other night; it should be the best way to see it: watching a film about a video that kills everyone that watches it, on video! I was quite looking forward to being scared - it's fun every now and again. The problem was that I was watching it with two other people, a couple to be precise. This could be good cos girls tend to fright easy and if one person is scared it can be sort of contagious.

Unfortunately, the problem was that Hovig, the guy, doesn't like to be scared and thus kept a virtual commentary on the movie to prevent himself form taking it seriously and thus getting scared. Unfortunately, this kind of made it impossible for me to get into the movie and I was actually trying to be scared at some points. It was a very strange movie, more of a suspense thriller than a frightener though.

It did have a pretty loose plot, and a lot is left unexplained, and there is a nice little twist at the end. I wonder if the original Japanese film, Ringu, was tighter, or maybe even more open-ended... Also at the end of the movie they showed deleted scenes, some of which should definitely have been left in. They cut out a major section where another person dies from the video. However, I'm convinced they should have left the shot in of the video store at the end. I can't say more without spoiling things.

So, then, to lighten the mood we watched Old School with Will Ferrel and Luke Wilson. This was just a bit of a mess, like a series of sketches strung together along a central theme. Then again, what more do you expect? I bet they thought they were so clever though having Jeremy Piven as the Dean (he played the protagonist role when in PCU). Total brain fodder.