Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal


Sorry for the lack of posts guys (I'm sure you're all gutted), but I was busy getting ready to come back to Montreal, and then setting things up here.

The trip back was rather uneventful apart from the fact that there was a boys choir from Belgium on the plane on their way to do a tour of North America and they gave an impromptu recital from their seats! Managed to sneak through immigration and customs no problem, despite exceeding my alcohol import quota - hey, I declared it, if they don't want my money, then that's their problem.

So, my calendar is now pretty much clear for the next few months - a few milestones here and there: going to the see The Blueman Group on Thursday at the Bell Centre (I may have a spare ticket, so let me know if it interests you); the Expos are in town on the 13th; and other than that....... not much. Might not be doing the cycling tour of the Rockies now though - need to speak to Loic. This isn't so bad as it leaves me with more time to visit the East.

Also, whilst at home I scanned in a whole pile of holiday photos from my trips around Europe and I've been rejigging my photo album pages to be more user-friendly. I'm a little way off finished yet, but the templates are starting to be finalised. Stay tuned!