Legal Alien: A Scotsman in Montreal

Making all my nowhere plans

I'm not dead yet but it has proved harder than anticipated to keep the blog rolling whilst on my extended vacation. I'm going to put this primarily down tot he fact that I'm not sitting in my office which means that when I am either bored or have a stunning insight I'm not sitting in front of a computer. It's not even that I'm doing anything, just that I tend to be doing it outside.

I did manage to go and see the Blue Man Group, and they were pretty much amazing. The Bell centre sucks as a venue though - as happened last time I went there to see the Shaolin Monks, the place wasn't sold out so they moved everyone into the closest seats and closed the nosebleed sections. This is a good thing isn't it? Well, no not really; see, I'd specifically rejected more expensive tickets cos they were sitting us right on the side, close to the stage but not front on. So when we get our new tickets, where does it say we go - to the exact place I turned down. So jane and I said fuck it, there's lots of empty seats over there, let's go and sit down. So we did, and many others did the same and amazingly we managed to pick a section where no-one kicked us out. Pretty sweet really.

On Friday I was supposed to go to the Expos game and we even managed to score free tickets from the guy in the Dep who was giving them away: left field bleachers. But then Christina's car doesn't start and so we end up not going, which wasn't so bad cos we lost anyhow - though 3 balls ended up in the left field bleachers!

Instead we ended up watching "Go," which was suprisingly good. I was expecting more of a "Human Traffic" like description of a night out, but it was much more subtle than that.

I've also just finished watching the anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion" which started out as a series about mech warriors and then descended into the transcendental struggle of the self. It is very bizarre. Then I watched the movie "End of Evangelion" that is kind of an appendix, where basically humanity has the choice to return to its soul form, or to separate back into individual entities. All of this is decided by one young, and thoroughly messed up young boy. It is in a word, a headfuck.